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I found an interesting place with a neat couch when I was looking around the forest. The couch changed colors twice while I was there. I'm going to need a camera so I can take pictures. I want to see just how many colors it can change... but it's going to take weeks of allowance. :(

While I was there, I made a new friend. His name is Liam. He seems like a human at first but he's really not human-- he says he's part Kimera and that he has weird powers he's not allowed to tell anyone about. I told him a little about being a robot and having kokoro. I'm not really supposed to tell everyone that I have that since Dr. O'Shay is scared that people will be afraid of me like they're afraid of Astro, even though I don't have superpowers like he does and Astro's never hurt anyone anyway.

Liam took me to visit his house after a while. It's in London, England, and I'd never been to London before. I haven't been outside of Metro City much, to be honest. But Liam's house was interesting.. it's actually an embassy which is a fancy name for a house that an ambassador from another country lives in. Only the ambassador in the embassy isn't from another country. He's from another planet! His name is La'zahn and he's a Taelon. They're blue and glowy aliens from outer space who make themselves look more like humans because I guess talking to blue glowy aliens makes humans nervous. (I wonder if that's why a lot of robots look like humans too?) La'zahn was neat. He took us out on an adventure, and I got to see Liam fly. We went to America and went shopping and La'zahn even got me a couple of Batman comic books to go with the ones I borrowed from Liam so that I can see what all the fuss is about Batman.

Batman is the World's Greatest Detective, so if I'm going to be the World's Greatest Detective I have to be better than Batman. That's going to be hard since Batman is good at lots of things, but he's a human without superpowers and I'm a robot, so I think I'll be able to manage it!

When we got back from America Liam's Mommy was mad and she grounded Liam and La'zahn and made me go back home. I'm just glad that she couldn't call Dr. O'Shay or Nora. Or else I'd be grounded too.

I'm going to read the comics Liam lent me since I have to give them back to borrow more. And hopefully when I'm done reading Liam will be done being grounded.


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